Vanda Care

Vanda Care
vanda care

Πέμπτη, 13 Ιανουαρίου 2011

Vanda Care

The key to caring for and propagating \vanda orchids, and in fact all orchids,
 is being sensitive to what they are experiencing in their environment at
 any given time and to make adjustments that suit their needs. 
Orchids require just the right amount of moisture, light and fresh air and 
 nutrients to perform and bloom to their best. 
When you understand their preferences and habits, 
orchids can actually be relatively low maintenance, 
especially considering the payoff you get with their long lasting and exotic blooms.
  1. 1. Water your vanda orchid every 4 to 13 days, more frequently in the summer and less frequently in the winter months. Vanda orchids prefer to be nearly dry before being watered again.
  2. 2. Mist your vanda with fresh tepid or cool water in a spray bottle to raise the humidity in its immediate area. This is particularly helpful between waterings in summer and when you have the heat on in winter.
  3. 3. Pull yellow dead leaves only when they are wilted and come loose with only a very gentle tug. Cutting off leaves because they are damaged and not dead can spread disease on the plant and damage the root stem.
  4. 4. Allow the bloom and bloom stem to die back on its own before cutting or removing, which draws more of the orchid's energy back into the plant for the next bloom cycle.
  5. 5. Replant your orchid every year or two for health and blooming performance. Gently remove the vanda from its old pot removing all old bits of bark from the roots. Choose a new orchid pot with good drainage at least 2 inches larger than the old pot. Partially fill with orchid charcoal and bark and lower the plant into the pot spreading the roots evenly in the pot. Add more orchid planting mix around the roots, water well and drain.

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